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Strategic Innovation Consulting Session

Transforming Complexity into Opportunity: Your Roadmap to Strategic Innovation

  • 370 euros
  • Online Session

Descripción del servicio

Overview: As an Enterprise Architect with over two decades of experience, I offer Strategic Innovation Consulting sessions designed to guide organizations through the complexities of modern business landscapes. With a focus on Business, Governance, and Strategy, these sessions are tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that come with digital transformation, mergers, expansions, and new ventures. Value Proposition: Business and IT Integration: Leverage Information Technology to align with your business goals. Break down silos and improve productivity through seamless integration of IT ecosystems. Strategic Leadership: Benefit from strategic thinking and holistic root cause analysis to solve complex problems. Navigate the intricacies of governance and compliance with ease. Innovation & Transformation: Navigate the digital evolution and organizational changes with innovative, pragmatic, and out-of-the-box strategies. From Big Data to Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, harness the power of emerging technologies. Technological Efficiency: Optimize your IT landscape with hands-on experience in Machine Learning, Data, Cloud, Applications Development, ERP, MES, SCM, EAM, BI, LMS, BPM, CRM, CSS, IT Operations, Information Security, Risk, and Compliance. Team Multicultural and Multilingual Edge: Build and lead effective teams in multicultural settings. With experience working in 6 languages and 11 countries, I offer unique insights into global team dynamics. Resilience, Learning, and Adaptability: Learn how to adapt and thrive in varying contexts. My personal experiences in migration, refugee struggles, and entrepreneurial journeys offer a unique perspective on resilience and adaptability. Proven Track Record: Rely on a consultant with documented results in international companies, several awards, patents, and 20+ professional certifications. Who Should Attend? C-Suite Executives IT Managers Project Managers Innovation Teams Entrepreneurs Why Choose This Service? Having collaborated with startups to leading corporations like Nestlé, Schlumberger, Pemex, and Lego, I bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record. My consulting firm specializes in Change Management, and I've steered significant transformation processes in organizations, including advising researchers in entrepreneurship programs at universities like UPV and UB.

Política de cancelación

Para cancelar o reprogramar se ruega hacerlo con al menos 24 horas de antelación.

Detalles del contacto

The Integral Management Society, De las Flores, La Pitaya, Coatepec, Ver., México

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