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XCARET RIVIERA MAYA. IA Solution & Cloud Integration Lead Architect (& Founder)


April 2023

Create and lead an Startup where I architected AI solutions and integrated applications for the award-winning theme park, Xcaret.

The solution managed a logistical platform that real-time coordinated over 10,000 independent transport bookings via Carpooling and Buspooling.


Experiencias Xcaret operates 7 theme parks in Mexico and underwent a major software overhaul in 2016. Involved key providers like Salesforce, SAP, and Cisco. The project required custom-built Machine Learning algorithms for unique logistics challenges.

Enterprise Establishment:

Formulated and launched the company, ensuring precise resource allocation, personnel selection, and effective leadership.

Cloud and Data:

Orchestrated data strategy and selection.
Architected cloud solutions and integrations among AWS, Azure, and VMware.
Data warehouse migrations.

Platform Engineering:

Designed and optimized infrastructure for high availability and resilience.
Collaborated on the design and implementation of scalable and secure network architecture.
Enhanced system performance through tuning and adaptive optimization.


Architected and deployed middleware solutions, message brokers and transaction processing systems.
Security and integrity of data in transit.

Geolocation & GPS Solutions:
Architected geolocation and GPS solutions for precise tracking and coordination.

IoT Integration:
Emphasized on IoT implementations for buses and various devices, facilitating effective communication within the ecosystem's components.

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